Credentials:  OTR/L, MS

Tina is an Occupational Therapist at Conway Regional Therapy Center - Scherman Heights. She specializes in upper extremity orthopedic rehabilitation, and her most common diagnoses treated are, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff repair, frozen shoulder, arthritis, and pain in the finger, elbow, thumb or shoulder.

Tina was drawn into occupational therapy because of the higher level of analysis required in conjunction with a vast working knowledge of anatomical function versus dysfunction. She was intrigued by the ability of therapists to look at the person's abilities versus needs and use science based, out of the box ideas to increase quality of life. Tina has a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and a Master of Occupational Therapy, both from the University of Central Arkansas.

She enjoys traveling abroad and to large cities, doing outside activities such as hiking, exploring, hosting crawfish boils and swimming “shin digs” throughout the summer. She has done medical missions in the past and her relationship with Jesus is her greatest treasure.